Open Nature theatrical performance lab & praxis, founded in 2012, is a platform for research and application of physical theatre approaches to the development of original, ensemble-created performances and to the offering of workshops in these modalities.

The company practices ongoing training to expand our emotional and physical expressive range, and to cultivate ensemble coordination. We work collaboratively to conceive of and create original theatre productions in response to themes relevant to today’s society. We co-develop the performances over time, passing through research, training, and work-in-progress stages. Often the performances take place in non-conventional spaces – hills, canyons, parks, warehouses, shopping arcades, city streets, as well as theatrical venues – creating intimate and visceral experiences for audiences. Our approaches to training, material selection and development, horizontal co-creation, and re-imagined relationships to audiences contribute to producing theatrical experiences that suggest new possibilities, new ways of co-existing and creating together in the world.

The company offers physical theatre workshops, based in contemporary performance trainings such as Grotowski-inspired physical acting, Viewpoints, devised theatre, contemplative practices, and site-specific performance.