Angela Delichatsios teaches classes at the university level, and also privately to individuals, groups, and theatre companies, in principles of physical acting as influenced by Jerzy Grotowski and other Polish physical theatre practitioners. She also provides cross-training with other modalities such as Viewpoints, Contemplative Dance Practice, and Roy Hart Voice Work. She has experience teaching in Europe and the United States, and she can shape a curriculum based on the experience level of the practitioners and the objectives of the theatre program or company. Contact Angela for more information.  Click here for Angela’s teaching philosophy and c.v. See below for areas of training that can be included in a syllabus.

Areas of training that can be include in a syllabus:
Actor Training for Coordination, Presence and Impulse

Plastiques and Corporels:

discovering small body isolations and larger body movements
synchronizing body and emotion
expanding range, fluidity, and connection to emotional sources and imagery

Ensemble Coordination Exercises:

walking and running as a group in different rhythms
synchronizing the self with the group
responding to outer environment, while staying present to self
receiving impulses from partners, rhythms, internal sources

Mini-Acrobatics with Partners:

exchanging physical impulses with partners in a flow
softening the body and allowing oneself to receive from another
remaining alert and active and ready to give to a partner
responding to impulses from inside and out
(these exercises can be precursors to larger acrobatics and are valuable in their own right for developing truthful communication between self and partner)

Text Work affected by Outside Influences:

allowing text to be affected by physical impulses from a partner
allowing text to be affected by a song sung by partner or group
allowing text to be affected by one’s own physical score, or by physical improvisation
finding unexpected responses, energies, and connections in the text


rolling, tumbling, balancing exercises, solo and with partners
developing physical confidence, strength, fluidity
building trust and communication between partners and the group

Voice and Tuning:

basic tuning and listening as a group
learning a group song to use in physical exercises
using individual songs in partner and group exercises
more advanced tuning and harmonies
more in-depth work on group and individual songs